Break a Rule

January 31 2014

When I left to go back to school for my senior year of college last August, my mom's sage advice was: "Break a rule." Plain and simple. I laughed and told her she was ridiculous - but when I thought about it a little bit, she had a good point.

I've always been a rule follower. My mom likes to remind me of when I was little and at a friend's birthday party, the friend's mom had given the partygoers little goody bags to bring into the movie theater instead of paying for popcorn. I was the worst child in the world and started shouting in the lobby of the theater that we're not allowed to bring in outside snacks. Oops.

Most recently, my family and I got flu shots at Walgreens and the pharmacist told us we had to wait 10 minutes after the shots before leaving. As my parents stood up to leave, I reminded them that we had to stay for 10 minutes like the lady said. I got weird stares from my parents, which was my cue that I was being a stickler for the rules again.

So yeah - I don't break rules. I'm not usually aware of when I'm doing my rule-following and should probably have someone with a little buzzer following me around reminding me to live a little.

So, good people of the Listserve, I tell you this because 1. having 25,000+ people aware of my lame-ness will hopefully inspire me to do something about it and 2. I want you to think about when you play by the rules instead of just living your life like you want to. Or... maybe it's just me.

On an unrelated note, I'm graduating college in May and would love to chat with you about entry-level jobs you may be aware of in the communications field in New York City. I promise that, despite this long email telling you that I'm lame, I'm actually a fun person. I promise.

[email protected]
Washington, DC

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