One month on The Listserve

December 17 2013

I received the email that I had “won” the Listserve lottery, exactly one month after I first subscribed. I didn’t expect for my turn to come so quickly so, of course, I’m not very well prepared! So I suppose this will be a hodge-podge, of sorts.
1. How long have you been on the Listserve and how long did it take before you were chosen/”won”?
2. What’s been your biggest takeaway so far from what you’ve read from fellow Listservers (Listonians?)
- As I’ve mentioned, I’ve only been here a month but just from that month, I’m already tossing around the idea of kidney donation and I’ve sent postcards to preschool students in the Netherlands. Pretty cool.
3. My two boys are ages 14 and 10- what’s your best advice for raising a teenager? The more specific, the better- I’ve heard lots of “just let them be themselves!”.
4. Anyone have knowledge/experience they could share with me about building an online community in Wordpress/BBPress ?
- I’m building a brand new community for female fans of the New Orleans Saints and I’m running into sooo many technical issues. While I’ve worked in online communities for years and could share tons of knowledge about engagement and relationship building, I’ve never built my own and I’m feeling clueless about some of the tech side of them.
2 people I think you should know about: Wish I could give you links to find out more about them but, unfortunately, URL’s aren’t allowed on ListServe. A quick internet search would find them if you’re interested in learning more, though.

1. Rockstar Ronan:
Yes, learning about a child that died of cancer is scary and sad but the statistics are even scarier and sadder. For example: 46 kids EVERY DAY are diagnosed with cancer but it is still INSANELY UNDERFUNDED (at least in the U.S.) The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) federal budget was $4.6 billion. Of that, breast cancer received 12%, prostate cancer received 7%, and all 12 major groups of pediatric cancers combined received less than 3%.

THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! However, I have every confidence in Ronan’s mom, Maya. She is going to change the world of childhood cancer. I urge you to join her.

2. Steve Gleason:
His foundation’s motto is “No White Flags”. Learn about his fight against ALS – including a journey to Mach Pichu (!!) and you’ll see why that motto fits perfectly
Favorite quote by Steve Gleason: “I believe heroes take adversity or tragedy, turn it into opportunity, and then share the opportunity with others, so the others can do the same. In a sense, we all have a chance to be heroes, to some degree. I’ve happened to have been dealt more adversity than most so the way I look at it, there is more opportunity for heroics. “

Listserve Tradition

Love the idea of starting a Listserve tradition! Maybe a haiku or a 5 word webby-style thought at the end of every email? Here’s my contribution:

One month on Listserve
Panicked, not sure what to write
Hope it turned out well

Lisa Bartels
[email protected]
New Orleans area, Louisiana, United States

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