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December 05 2013

Hello everyone!

I have been thinking for quite a while what should I write in an e-mail addressed to the people of the world. I had some ideas, but none that I really liked. In the end, I decided on writing down some of my thoughts-realizations that are not certainly logically connected to one another. Those are nevertheless the thoughts that I deeply belive in.

First – everyone has some sad story. I have. And my closest friend, and my boyfriend, and my other friends. You, he and she as well. There are no people completely happy, everyone is afflicted with different problems in his life. Therefore, we should never judge other people easily, since we never know their story. Often people smiling the strongest are those with toughest past – but they belive in the power of optimism, they believe one should never give up and always have hope. They are right.

Second – happiness is a state of mind. One can have all the stuff in the world and be unhappy, one can be happy having nothing. It’s all about being able to appreciate beauty of this world and what life has to offer. Humbly accepting what comes along the way and being happy with every day, every little thing. When was the last time you stopped on a sidewalk, looked in the sky, realized how beautiful it all is, breathed deeply? Do it! Realize that you are alive, that life is a gift.

Third – there are good people in this world. We should never lose faith in others. Love exists, too. For many years I didn’t believe in love. For many years I thought it’s just some romantic fantasy from Disney movies. I lived alone, forcing myself to believe I’m happy – and then I met him. It was a complete coincidence, whim of fate, as if someone above planned it to happen. Everything went naturally and fast. All my ideas about myself turned out to be completely false. I believed I would never trust someone with all my heart – and I did. I believed I’m unable to love – and he proved me wrong.
Some time ago someone on listserve has written, that love is easy, it just happens. He was right, it’s exactly as he said. And if there is love, no obstacle can stop it.
My advice for the lonely – do not lose hope. Never. Never close your heart for other people – love will come, on its own, when the time comes. You will be completely surprised what the love really is.

Fourth – interests. Interests are one of the most important things in our lives. They give life colour. My love is reading books – I read a lot of them, of many different genres. It is said, that people, who read books, live twice. And so it is. Books always let me visit other worlds and experience adventures, moved me, made me happy, gave me laugh… I’m deeply fascinated with the world of fantasy, since it’s infinite, unbounded, with no constrains. As for me, it’s extraordinary and beautiful.

Thank you all for your time spent with my thoughts : )
My text has been written at the last minute, but I hope there is at least one person who found it interesting. Also, I’m very curious what is your opinion on the topics mentioned and what is, in your opinion, the best book anyone should read?

With best of regards
[email protected]

P.S. Especially for My Love ... Leszek, I love you!!! Big surprise, huh? :)
And thank you for your help.

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