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November 15 2013

I think that when you take part in something like the Listserve Lottery, you don't really fear never winning. So what if you don't win, that's just the way of things. What really is frightening, perhaps, is the idea of winning and then never noticing. Having an opportunity presented to you that you missed and let pass on by. I almost missed the email that said I won, and now I'm a bit short for time. I'm no genius and I don't do anything spectacular, so I'm just going to spout out interesting thoughts on various things that I have thought about. I invite you to add your insight or disagree harshly.

Groups, especially who share common ideas, are probably one of the worst things in the world. If you want horrible things to happen, just get a bunch of like-minded people in one place. People say that they are opposed to organized religion, and I'm not going to say that that's wrong, but if you are you should probably also be opposed to activist groups, and even civilization itself. The number of people who have died due to nationalism or mob violence is absurd.

If you take a point on a line at 0, and say that it will go either left or right randomly for each cycle, it follows Pascal's Triangle as far as probability is concerned. This may have implications in Plinko.

Confirmation bias a(e?)ffects everyone. It probably will impact you personally in the next hour. See if you can catch yourself. Open mindedness is excellent and difficult.

You are probably not limited in intelligence or attractiveness. Both of these are very mutable, and we are conditioned to think otherwise.

GK Chesterton was a genius. If you've not heard of him, look him up.

Don't forget that you are fallible. You've probably made a few mistakes today already. Regret is seen as depressive in our society, but I've found that I can extricate myself from it when I consider what I could change about myself to avoid making similar mistakes. Mayhaps it is intended to be constructive.

Don't draw conclusions from any correlative study. Especially about cancer. Correlations are feelers for science, not data.

Discovering new things is still very possible, no matter how much you think science knows. We don't really understand simple things like sleep, and the lithium batteries in your laptop. Math too. The Collatz conjecture is really worth thinking about for some of your time.

Do things that are new, even if you hate them initially. Try messing with programming or math for a little while, see if you can solve some sort of a puzzle. Do something that society is opposed to- learn to pick locks or crack into computers. A dull life breeds dull people.

I'd like to know if I'm alone in feeling empathetically at a higher intensity than I feel internally. Tell me if you are like me in this way.

It is great to take irresponsible risks on your own time, when nobody will hold you responsible. Probably you should take only calculated risks otherwise.

Remember that people are entitled to their opinions, and they are not stupid if they disagree with you, especially on subjective matters.

I don't think companies should have opinions. Even if everyone at Google is pro or anti-gay marriage, they oughtn't publicize themselves as such. It's an abuse of power.

"If you assume, you make an a** of u and me." Shut up. This is incredibly untrue.

Please disagree with me, or extend my thoughts. Thank you!

Sam Casavant
[email protected]

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