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November 12 2013

Dear Listervians!
I am a 26-year-old teacher who lives in Haarlem and works in Amsterdam. I teach children from the age of 4 to 6. Children in this age group learn best by playing so that is what I’m helping them with. I can use your help as well, please read on!
In my class we work with projects for about 6 to 7 weeks, we’ve had projects like the circus, the castle or the airplane. To start a project I always ask the kids what they would need to play, so I help them build, (life-size when you’re 4-6 year) airplanes, hospitals or the witch’s shack. You should see what we can do with glue and some cardboard!
The children will then start to play, being the customs officer, doctor or any character that is suitable for the project. By playing inside the restaurant or the castle children develop their social skills but that is only the beginning.
For the children the playing is very real and they take it quite serious, together we come up with ideas of what we need. We make passports, spell books, cookies or anything that comes to mind. Of course to do this the children will have to write, read, draw, measure or count, in other words, learn! On the other hand it is only just a ‘game’ so children won’t feel pressured or anxious to fail, they just need something to enhance their play and while playing there are no mistakes! Because you can’t make mistakes while playing all children can learn at their own level, some children really want to know how to write or do something while other just pretend to do so.
Our current project is the mail, and for this we could use your help. In my class we have a stuffed bear and his name is Flip. Flip’s parents are currently traveling the world so for the time being Flip is in the capable hands of the children in my class. They play with him, help him and some actually see Flip as a real classmate. Flip goes home every weekend with a child. Flip has a little book and camera and parents can help their child to write down what adventures they had during the weekend. On Monday we read Flip’s diary. By doing so the children will get to know each other better, have a chance to show something from their home and have a little peak inside the lives of the others.
As I mentioned before, Flips parents are traveling the world. That’s where you come in. It would be great if we could get postcards from all over the world sent by you/Flip’s Parents. Would you please send us something? A postcard, letter or anything else you can imagine would be great!
It would be absolutely amazing if we would receive even just a few letters. Please write on the card where it is from so we can see where Flip’s parents are! Flips parents are called Ben & Sara. If you want to know how Flip looks you can Google ‘Flip de beer’ and you will find him.

You can send your mail to:
OBS Rosa Boekdrukker
Groep 1/2A
Vancouverstraat 3/5
1056 DT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Many thanks,

Werner Tillema
Haarlem - The Netherlands
If you have any questions or just want to talk, send me a mail @ [email protected]

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