For The Story

November 05 2013

I'm a student at the University of Texas. I won the Listserve lottery with two midterms in the next 48 hours. I've never really thought about what i'd say to thousands of people at once, so I'll just give you some advice I live by. Just do it for the story.

If an opportunity arises where that voice in your head says "I don't know, that sounds _____", just do it. You may get in trouble, or some other negative things may happen, or the universe will go along with it and allow you to have some fun. Either way, the story will be worth it. Nobody remembers the nights they got a lot of sleep. I've had some of the best times of my life by doing it for the story.

Keeping it short and simple. For now, i'm going against my advice to stay in and study. Moderation y'all.

Good Luck,

[email protected]
Austin, TX

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