Feel Like I Should Be Doing the Beauty Queen Wave.

October 25 2013

Firstly, thanks for all the great emails from everyone. My favorite email was from someone who was moving and wanted help finding a new place; for some reason it amused me.
Few things about me are I live in Seattle but miss Portland, moved for family. I love ice cream which is not too suprising considering Seattle and Portland are both in the top five for the consumption of it.
Going to be an aunt in April and can't wait to meet a nephew named after Game of Thrones; now I will have to watch the show.
I often feel like nothing important or exciting happens that is worth mentioning but life really is about that perfect cup of coffee or a good moment and not all about the big things.
My best friend Erin and I are making bitters for the first time. Giving it a go but anyone have a great recipe?
Back to the ice cream. As I hate eggs, anyone have an eggless ice cream recipe they would reccomend?
By baby brother introduced me to football and now I love it. A big reason I love the game is how it helped connect me to a brother fourteen years younger than me. This season I'm playing fantasy football and its fun to compete against friends yet after the season I'm going to need my mouth scrubbed out with soap as I like to loudly vent my frustrations.

Thanks, Lita
[email protected]
Seattle, WA

P.S. I hate watching football in October with all the pink on the field. Just wish the NFL would donate money to breast cancer and stop harassing my eyes.

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