"What Comes From the Heart Goes to the Heart"- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

October 05 2013

Today I hope you breathe a little deeper. You stand a little taller and laugh a little louder; you smile at a stranger and hug a little tighter. I hope you hear your favorite song, your bread rises perfectly, and just-the-right words appear on your tongue. I hope a crisp breeze cools your brow this noon and a snug blanket warms you tonight. I pray that love envelops your life and you find the strength to discover yourself. No matter how high the mountain or how deep the ravine, I am in your corner and on your team. I am here and I care. We exist as a world together to defend, not defeat. And most importantly, to love one another.

P.S. A special thank you to my dear friends and family, without whom this life would be quite dull: MF, HF, DF, LF, KB, ZH, CEBH, LP, JL, HT, DK, AP, RP, AC, LP, EL, ND, MS, LM, ZP, SP, FA and so many more.

"Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way." --Native American Saying

A. Fern
[email protected]
Denver, Colorado

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