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September 25 2013

BRRRRIINGGG!!! Stupid alarm… It’s truly a wonder as to how I haven’t thrown my phone out the window… Oh well. Today, I decided to do things differently. Instead of the usual phlegmatic approach to my morning rituals, I whipped out my iPod and practically danced my way to school.

I stopped at the market to grab myself some lunch and I noticed the girl in front of me was having difficulty with her credit card. Meanwhile, the bitter cashier pushed her aside and asked that I come and make my purchase. I walked up and said I would be paying for the both of us. The girl next to me looked at me with shock (why would anyone do such a thing?! ;) ) and asked if she could take my info to pay me back. I told her this one was on me; just make sure to pay it forward to someone else in need. She still looked pretty dumbfounded when I left her lol.

Later in the afternoon, as I found myself a cozy spot in the library, I learned that I had been selected for the list serve lottery! I always thought of when this day would come. I didn't worry much about what I would say since I new it would find me at the perfect time in my life.

Life, right now, has been quite stressful for me to say the least. I am in my senior year at NYU, studying for the LSAT's, working in the National Security Department at the Brennan Center for Justice (NYU Law), writing a thesis paper, creating/managing a magazine for NYU (nyuglobalexpress(dot)org) etc.

Last week, I was breaking under the workload and stress, especially after coming back from living in Spain for a year and having to re-assimilate my life back into the fast-paced NYC lifestyle. I had reached a low point in my life, feeling completely overwhelmed and not knowing how to move forward. Then it hit me, I was so focused on all the things I needed/had to do that I had begun to feel the suffocating grasp of limitation. How could I possibly do it all and succeed? That was my problem.

The realization struck me: our limits, if any, are self-imposed. How we think ultimately determines how we do. Our capabilities truly have the ability to manifest themselves if we can rid the boundaries we have mentally, and even socially, created. All that they require is the belief in their possibilities.

I must say, I have heard from many that they need to see in order to believe (with regard to faith, magic, science, etc.). In response to this, let me ask you one thing: how does one see if they are not willing to believe? Let that sink in for a moment.

My name is Natasha Babazadeh and I am 21 years old. I WILL excel in all of my classes like I have done the past three years. I WILL leave a significant work contribution to the Brennan Center. I WILL make the LSAT my bitch. I WILL create a badass magazine to circulate around NYU and all its study abroad sites. I WILL write a thesis paper that’ll blow your mind. I WILL help complete strangers. I WILL make an impact. I WILL change the world.

Natasha Babazadeh
[email protected]
New York City

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