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September 07 2013

Hello Listserve!

I'm writing this from Reykjavik, Iceland. I arrived here from NYC yesterday, and leave for Paris tomorrow. I'm from San Francisco, originally. I am 25. (not relevant at all to the content of my message, but a little background info is always fun..)

A few things:

1) The world is small. We have so many experiences/emotions in common. Think about that the next time you feel alone - you're not.

2) Be good to your family. Your time with them is not guaranteed. But when it ends - remember, its not the number of years, it's the quality of those years. (rest in peace dad, 4/17/13, I still miss you - and my heart and thoughts goes out to those who are or have been affected by any type of cancer. You are cared for!)

3) Go easy on yourself. It's your first time through this life.;)

4) Whatever it is - you'll be ok. I promise. :)

With lots of jetlag and love,

[email protected]
Reykjavik, Iceland

PS - message me Paris travel tips! I've never been:)

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