Nerd Holiday

September 02 2013

Have you ever been in a room of people that all felt like friends and community, even though you didn't know their name?I have. And it has been happening over and over again for the last three days.

There is this giant, nerdy convention happening in Seattle right now. PAX Prime. Maybe you've heard of it? Anyway, it's a place for fans to learn about new games (video, computer, board, etc.) and meet creators and hang out with each other. It's loads of fun.

My dark secret? I hate the comic that inspires this convention. Penny Arcade features some of the most annoying characters that have said some terribly misogynistic things in the past. Things that fanboys (and maybe fangirls) like to hash over and over again. And yet, I still support the community.

This might make me the worst feminist ever, but I believe the Penny Arcade folks atone for their terribleness by hosting cool events like PAX and their charity that gives video games to kids in hospitals.

If you also happen to be at PAX Prime, welcome home! And if you are a gaming nerd that likes being around 70,000 people, maybe you should check it out next year.

In nerd fun we trust,

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