Everybody should learn to code

August 25 2013

“I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

- Steve Jobs, The Lost Interview

Programming is not just for nerds. It’s surprisingly fun, creative, and accessible. If you like solving puzzles, being creative, and working on DIY projects, you will enjoy programming.

Learning to program is easier than learning a foreign language (I speak three and code, so I can compare). Once you know how to program, you can build things you are passionate about and hopefully make the world a better place.

Mark Zuckerberg wanted to make more friends so he built Facebook. I wanted to dress better so I created Clothia, a fashion app that makes styling outfits easy. Learning to code was the first step in working toward our dreams.

Along with Bill Clinton, will.i.am, Chris Bosh and Bill Gates, I am honored to be involved in Code.org, a great initiative that promotes computer science education in schools. Please check it out and see how you can get involved. Maybe you can learn to code and build the next Facebook!

Elena Silenok
[email protected]
San Francisco, CA

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