Do I Know You?

August 16 2013

Some Degree of Separation –

Let's try this. By reaching out to total strangers, would we find a known connection within a minimal number of links?

Below are some info related to me. Do any of them ring a bell to you? Or know anyone who just might? Do email me your related info, if any, or send my email to someone you think may be interested. It's really just a way of finding out if long-lost acquaintances, friends, relatives or friends of friends are just a few email threads away. Don't worry; I have no intention of spamming anyone. I loathe those things. (And yes, there's always Facebook to search for people, but wouldn't this be fun too?)

These are random information about me or related to people close to me:

• Arayat Pampanga
• Fabie Estate Paco
• University of Santo Tomas
• City University Bellevue 1999
• The AdPlanet
• Veronica Ellen Bautista
• Far East Bank and Trust Company
• Supreme Court of The Philippines

Thank you for your time, and to Listserve for this opportunity.

Ellen Bautista
[email protected]

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