Lightning strikes twice

August 11 2013

Hi Ben, I know you're reading this!

Space and time: We cannot distinguish time from space. We find time through space. Visualize an image where nothing changes. No time detectable. Visualize an image... and change the image. You can measure time in the ratio between the first and the second.

A difference in space means a difference in time. Imagining a future where humans dominate the earth and manufacturing centers, shopping malls and entertainment houses sit proudly where less intelligent species failed to muster a proper defense to xenocide in the name of culture. This visualized space will take time to implement.

We have no fucking clue how the universe work?
Who cares, can we figure out how this planet works?
How we as individuals work?

And can we figure out ways to play that don't involve destruction?

Pacific Rim came out recently, starring giant monsters from the unknowable depths of the ocean. Humanity builds monstrous machines to fight these creatures.

Whatever you don't understand, kill. Refute. Subvert.

Your genetic program dictates that your dna and its projections must survive!


Thanks again. Please stay in contact. I've been successful at freelancing and am doing iOS and server/website work at $90 an hour.

I will take a break in a bit and build games to rethink our modern movement in cities. I hope in doing so we can become more conscious our projections to as to not lose our identity in the matrix.

[email protected]

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