How should Education Be?

August 09 2013

Hello there, Fellow Listservers!

I come from the vast and diverse land, India, where Education is given the top most priority in our lives. In fact, most of our parents decide what we will study even before we are born. I often come across people who say that the Education system is broken. I beg to differ. The system is not broken, rather it's becoming less relevant as we enter into a new era.

Henry Ford, once said, You cannot learn in School what the World is going to do tomorrow. How true! A majority of our time (20-23 years! GOSH!) is spent in school. Rather than preparing us for the world and teaching us real skills, we are asked to mug up answers and spit it out in examinations. My country will have a huge population of youth by the end of this decade - And many of these will turn out to be unskilled. Our biggest asset may turn out to be our biggest liability.

How am I solving this? After I graduated, I started up with my startup - LearnFlow. We train individuals who are about to face the industry on developing their skills. To start with, my co-founder and I started with developing their coding skills ( as we feel coding helps students solve real life problems ) but we are now expanding into other skills.

and here is where I need your help, ListServers! I would love to hear from you, your vision of the Education System. And what are the skills you think that should be imparted to the youth as we move forward?

Looking forward to your replies.


Karthik Ragubathy,
[email protected]

P.S : Shout out to Animesh / Monty / Malvika for joining and supporting me on this exciting journey!

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