Terrible Nerd

August 02 2013

Last year I wrote and published a book that I'm extremely proud of. It's a memoir about growing up geeky. If you're a nerd like me, you might like it.

It's called Terrible Nerd. It's available at Amazon for Kindle and as a dead-tree book.

Here's a tiny bit from the introduction:

"My generation was the first one to have access to computers at such a young age. In the early 1980s, middle class kids could get their hands on Apple //s and Commodore 64s, Atari 800s and TRS-80s, and other machines that offered the kind of computing power that would have been impossible just a few years before. While that level of power did exist just a few years before, it wouldn’t have been able to fit on your desk, nor was it affordable to anyone other than a university, corporation, or government. Here we were, kids embarking on the threshold of a whole new thing, which for us started out as a hobby, or a toy to play games on, and for many of us, ended up being our careers, sometimes defining the course of our lives.

My generation was the first to never handle a slide rule (except as a curiosity), because we were the first to have electronic calculators. We were the last to enjoy the smell of mimeographed worksheets in school, because of photocopiers. We were the first kids to enjoy home video games, MTV, and microwave ovens."

In the book, I tell the true story of how I got my first computer (a Texas Instruments 99/4A) -- by stealing it -- from a church. I also tell the true story of how I once crashed the Internet for all of Europe . . . by emailing too much porn. See, I'm a terrible nerd.

If you're a nerd too, you might enjoy it.

Kevin Savetz
[email protected]
Portland, Oregon, USA

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