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July 27 2013


I teach. From my experience I know that delivering content is good but getting people to actually do something is better, much better. Two passions of mine are creativity and productivity, so in my 5 minutes of ListServe fame I want to get you productively being creative.

Here is a list of things for you to do over the next day or two:
- Find the most interesting reflection (in a window, on water etc) you can. You don't necessarily have to go searching specifically for this, just notice reflections as you're going about your day to day activities.
- Rearrange your desk. Do more than just move an item for the sake of moving it though. Think about all the items on your desk that have just been placed haphazardly. Can you be more creative in how you organise them.
- Get into a discussion with someone with very different views to you on a topic you are passionate about. You must end the conversation by agreeing with their point of view however (just verbally, I'm not asking you to actually change your point of view, just to experience disagreeing with it).
- Do some paper origami in your lunch break. There are many great sites is you do a quick search with many great instructions.
- Create a list of 10 simple but creative things you want to do over the next month. Print it out and place it next to your desk, or bed or somewhere you will see it daily. Tick them off as you go.

That's it.
Simple, but you will have fun and be more creative.

Feel free to email me with any pictures or stories from doing these activities. I'll collate them all and put them on a webpage for everyone to share. Make sure the email subject has 'ListServe challenge' in it so I can easily organise them.

Have fun!

[email protected]
Sydney Australia

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