I never expected i would win this lottery

July 23 2013

Woo hoo what a great news I received today in the inbox, YOU won the lottery. Let me first tell you that please ignore my grammatical mistake as English is not my first language and secondly I very excited to share my story with you. I have no general theme in mind I will write whatever comes to my mind. Hope you will enjoy, reading as I am enjoying writing.

Everyone has the same question what should one write. I am a computer engineer 24 years old and live in a small town of India in state of Gujarat. Gujarati is my first language. I studied in an English medium school. And because I studied in an English medium school I can to talk to you. I thank my parents for what they have done for me. They have sacrificed many joys of their life to make my life better. I am Grateful to them and the Almighty. I am a happy go lucky guy. I live in the moment and believe that pain and sadness is momentary, and when it is too dark a sunrise is surely going to happen. I am still so young and what can share with you, teach you or say to you?

I wanted to become a Sound Engineer and a DJ. I like Trance music which is part of EDM (electronic Dance music). But that didn't happen and I instead took computer engineering as in hope that it will be a more useful skill. I have completed my bachelors in computer engineering. I also learn from online courses website such as corsera. I am currently learning Go language, and node.js language. I also have a Certificate of accomplishment with distinction in Database Course from Stanford University for their online course.

Let's talk about dream. Everyone have goals and surely I have too. My short term dream is to buy a decent pair of headphones (currently I am saving money for decent audio-technica ath m50 headphones), a decent laptop (An MacBook Air this will take a lot of time as it is costly) and a decent internet connection. Long term goal is to be an entrepreneur.

To fulfill my goals I work hard and do freelance work in PHP, Web-application development, RESTful web API (Core php, Codeigniter, symfony2, Wordpress, etc.). I have excellent database skills and I am good at SQL(MySQL), NOSQL(mongodB) and XML (XPATH, XQuery) and JSON, I have decent knowledge of jQuery and angular.js framework. I can setup and configure amazon web servers. I am also good at writing spiders and crawlers.

I didn't had anything specific in mind. Hope you enjoyed reading.

If anyone needs help from my side in any way I will surely help, if anyone is hiring I will be more than happy to join. If you have freelance work for me contact me on [email protected]

Bhargav Joshi
[email protected]
Rajkot, Gujarat, India

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