Greetings from Germany

July 20 2013

"Succeed is about to get out of your comfort zone. You only get forward if you take that next step. If you always do something you already are good in you are not learning anything, you are just playing"

When I got the "you were selected" mail I wanted to share something meaningful with all of you. I picked this quote because it helped me with some decisions in my life and I think its worth reading it twice. Last year I started my own startup called bitstars and it was not a simple decision to make. I'm 26, just finished my Master in computer science and in Germany its not that problematic to find a well payed job in this field. Additionally the startup mentality here is totally different than in the US for example and normally you get one chance to succeed. An own company is often very stressful and you have to worry about a lot of things at the same time but I still think it was absolutely the right decision. I believe in our team at bitstars and I love to work hard and if you have a great idea yourself maybe you want to leave your comfort zone as well. I wish you all good luck with your lives no matter what you do.

Simon Heinen
[email protected]
Aachen, Germany

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