July 16 2013

Dear fellow Listservians,

I'm not ready to address such a vast amount of people, 23,337 to be exact, but as it often happens in real life, opportunity strikes when least expected or prepared for, and who am I to cower?

The Listserve caught me at a strange point in my life: at the beginning. I'm 19 years old, just finished my first year of college, and 2 days ago, scored my first real job, as an assistant to a historian (thanks Andrea's dad!)Also, in just a few days, I celebrate my first anniversary with my boyfriend (hey Francisco!), who was also the person who told me of The Listserve.

So this is me, full of the start of it all.

Seeing that I'm writing this at the last moment, I might as well go at this stream of consciousness style (Go Holden Caulfield!)

Well, I'm currently thinking that friends are the most important thing, ever; there's college and work and family but it's friends that really make our life worthwhile; friends, and maybe children, but that's another chapter entirely.

Maybe I should give you guys some reading suggestions, if you've read this far, because I really haven't given you much reason for it, don't worry, none taken, it's coming out quite boring, I know. Well, I'm in the middle of 10,000 novels, but of the ones I've finished, there's 3 that take my heart:

The Catcher in the Rye
Tuesdays with Morrie

[If you can read in the original language do it! Translations never make justice]

Hasn't this ever happened to you? You're looking at someone and you're suddenly amazed, you have to take a step back and really look at them, eyes moving, lips moving, all for you; it's as if you're amazed they're even real. Well, this happens to me a lot with you Frankie, yes you Francisco, and I thank, every time, that you are.

This past year was rough, and I'm certain that if it weren't for you, I really don't know where I would find myself today; thanks for lending me a hand through the struggle, life couldn't have given me a more perfect person to love.

Now for music! YouTube (do it do it) these full albums:
Alt-J: An Awesome wave
Youth Lagoon: The Year of Hibernation
The Doors: The Doors
Oh, and every White Stripes and Red Hot Chili Peppers album.

If you're sad, listen to "Pale Blue eyes" by The Velvet Underground; if you're having an odd day, "Stephanie Says", also by them; oh and "These Days" by Nico.

Take a road trip, at least once; tell me about the adventure if you'd like.

To finish, in the whole year I've received emails, I've yet to see one from my country. I'm from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, mi patria. I must tell you: places run deeper than their waters and tourist attractions, next time, dig deeper.

It makes me infinitely sad to know I'll die & never hear so many beautiful songs, so please, email me your favorite song! I'd love to hear it, I'll pass them on to my friends, I won't be so selfish.

I'll end this uneventful email with a quote (sue me for the clichédness of it all)

My music teacher once said, "Whenever you can, travel; you don't have to be incredibly wealthy, just incredibly curious."

Don't burn your brownies,

[email protected]
San Juan, Puerto Rico

P.S. Try buttered toast with sugar sprinkled on top, it's delicious, oh and, call your mom often

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