what´s your passion in life?

July 12 2013


I wanna tell you about a few things that I´m passionate about. In my opinion I think it´s important for your own well being to have something to be passionate about. One of my biggest passion is is ballet (and all kind of dancing). I love to go to a good performance or show. The things I love are a bit weird. I loved the excitement in the audience, I love to see the dancers sweat (my sister have never understand that!) and see how they muscles doing all the work while they try to show the audience with there faces that this is peace of cake (which it isn´t at all!). I also love the costumes- especially the tutus in a ballet performance. I love to see a dancer do point work in their point shoes, and I know a lot of the French name of the movements, even though it´s several years since I danced myself. Ballet is so graceful and elegant and so hard to do! One of my favorite buildings in Norway (where I´m from) is the opera house. Whenever I get the change I will go to a ballet show with the Norwegian National Ballet and one of my favorite moments is right before the curtain will rise and revile the ballet dancers. Another favorite moment is when you enter the performance area and the orchestra are warming up. A lot of people think that is a mess of different sounds, but I love it! If you happens to be in Norway I strongly recommend a ballet performance of the Norwegian ballet company. Right now Ingrid Lorentzen is the ballet director and head of the ballet company and she is a perfectionist so I guess all the show is brilliant now! At least the nutcracker was!

Musical is another passion of mine. I wanted so badly to become a musical artist, but Norway is a small country so few can survive as performance artist, so I´m ending up in early childhood care instead. What I love about musicals are all the singing and dancing at once. It has always fascinated me, since I at age 7 watched the whole movie "The sound of music" on the television. I wished it would be social accepted to burst out in song and dance whenever, and sometimes I do that. I use that a lot with the children in the crèche or kindergarten and the absolutely love it when I sings the message instead of telling them. A very effective way of giving message cause everyone of them listen!

Photography is another thing I love to do. Unfortunate I don´t have much time to take photos anymore since I just finished a hectic study, but I will someday take photos again. And I don´t have access to a studio anymore. I loved to be in a studio and work with people. So much fun! I love to take landscape photography and portraits. In my photos I try to show how I get the feeling a person is. It´s kind of hard to explain, but I wanna show the good sides and what people is passionate about.

Another passion of mine (and I promise this is the last one) is to travel. I love to experience new cultures, new ways to live and not to forget talk English! It´s a fascinating language.

Last I will like thanks to Christina for introducing me to The Listserve.

Hope you all have a nice day!

Janne Cecilie B
[email protected]
Oslo, Norway

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