A Day Without Excuses

July 04 2013

I was always the type to make excuses. I had an excuse for why I was running late, why I didn't exercise, why I was moody, or why I was overwhelmed.

Recently, I decided that I would no longer make excuses for myself. I would begin to hold myself accountable, but still honor what I was feeling. I would exercise more, eat locally, make new friends, enjoy my job, and quit letting external factors determine what my next excuse would be. I would now hold the key to my destiny, as it is not predetermined by anyone besides myself.

Since the day I eliminated all excuses, I have finished my first triathlon and will be doing two more this summer. I have lost 25 pounds. I have opened myself up to new friendships. I am a better person, partner, friend, and companion not only to others, but also to myself. And I feel great!

I have learned that you truly must love yourself first, inside and out. I have learned that if your outside doesn't match your inside (or vice versa) you have the means within YOU to change it. No excuse will help you get better, only time, dedication, and willingness to CHANGE.

So, today I encourage each of you to consider not making excuses for one day. When your mind thinks, I'm going to skip out on ____, realize that's an excuse and do it anyway.

Try it for one day, and send me an email to let me know how it went. We are all on this life journey together. We might as well have some fun with it. Challenge yourself. Be bold. Laugh often. After all, life is good :)


[email protected]
Madison, WI

PS: I was once told that 99.9% of the world is good, it's the .1% that we often worry about. Make it your goal to consider everyone you meet to be in the 99.9%. No matter who they are, people can surprise you with their goodness.

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