I’m changing my baby’s name

July 02 2013

I need your help. I’m changing my baby’s name, which it has had for four years.

I should clarify that my baby is not a human baby, but rather a company that I own. Right now, my baby is called Fresh Prints. We make custom-design apparel. I’m a senior in college, and all 40 people that I work with are also college students. I’ve spent my entire college career living and breathing this company. Unfortunately, for complicated trademark reasons, multiple lawyers have told us that we need to change our company name.

The past year has shown me that the Listserve community is filled with smart, funny and diverse people. I can’t imagine a better group of people to rely on when I need to make such an important decision. So, I’m asking for your help in 2 ways:

1) Send me ideas for a new name! We want a name that is clever, easy to pronounce and indicates what we do. Here's what you need to know about us: we're all college students, our top-notch graphic designers provide clients with free professional designs and we will do anything for our customers. We make ordering custom apparel really, really easy. We make really awesome t-shirts, hoodies, aprons, pretty much anything!

I’ll post the suggestions we get on our facebook page for everyone to comment on. (just search Fresh Prints on Facebook).

2) Use [insert new company name] to make awesome clothing! I love working with people to make awesome apparel and I'd love to meet fellow listervers, so if you ever ever want some custom apparel, send me an email! Mention that you're from the listserve so I can personally give you some special treatment and a discount :)

My last request is that you help grow the listserve. When I joined over a year ago, there were ~21,000 people, and we’re only at 23,000 now. If we all get three or four friends to join, there’s no reason we can’t pass 100,000 people in the next two weeks.

P.S. If you like technology, laughing or cleverness, follow my friend Aaron Wilson on Twitter (@aarowilso)

P.P.S. One of my more cynical friends suggested that I make the subject line on this email “You’ve won the Listserve.” Because that’s one of the crueler things I can think of, I hope I just ruined that joke for any future, heartless listserver :)

Josh Arbit
[email protected]
Englewood, NJ

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