June 29 2013

Hi everyone. One of my goals in life is to go to all the Disneylands. I'm not really sure why, because i'm not a big Disney fanatic. But I guess I did grow up watching Disney movies when I was younger, so it's probably subconsciously brainwashed me. I think the appeal for me is how Disneyland brings out the kid in you, irregardless of what age you are.

The first time I went to Disneyland was in America when I was 5, and it was my first trip overseas. Going to Disneyland is probably the greatest thing that could happen to a 5 year old. For whatever reason, I have a vivid memory of being in Mickey's house and seeing his clothes in the washing machine, thinking he was trapped inside. Obviously, I was a stupid 5 year old.

My second Disneyland experience was in Hong Kong at 15 years old, and most recently, 20 years old in Paris. Even at 20, I found myself running around the park with my (older) sister trying to find Mickey to get a photo. My favourite ride would have to be the laser shooting Buzz Lightyear one. I'm not sure if my laser gun was faulty, or if I was just really good at that game, but I managed to get over 37,000 points - whereas everyone else around me were sitting at around 5000 tops. I like to think the latter. (And to my lovely sister, I'm still laughing at your inferior 2,900 points, ha!)

I still haven't had a chance to visit Japan... so that is definitely next on the list, and it can hopefully be ticked off in the next year or so.

Re-reading this feels kind of silly because it's such a trivial goal to have, but I guess to put it in perspective for myself - in going to all the Disneylands, it encourages me to keep travelling and seeing more of the world. And, I really do love that Buzz Lightyear game.

Thanks for letting me share this silly insight into myself! And hope you're having a lovely day/night wherever you are!

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Sydney, Australia

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