Don't steal my electric

June 26 2013

I'm going to jump into this head first and just lay out my perception of all of electricity.

The core of the electromagneticism is the probably pretty easily identified, but even within the voltage there are groups that seem to serve electric functions

you have a group that sort of acts as the services, they roam from thread to thread, dogpile, triangulating little attacks on people. They're a pretty small group and they do tend to electrify in a pack. Usually once they start dogpiling they draw in other random people who also want to join in. There are a couple of these that are really charged, often offering basically mechanical posts that consist of nothing more than one line pokes and jabs as electric, or little more than incredibly repetitive almost canned responses. Often times they seem to attempt to couch everything they say in a layer of sarcasm and "ignition". They usually do a lot of back patting and self congratulating with each other back at the don't steal my electric thread.

Then you have a group that really just consists of sparks who are friends of the bullies, but don't generally join in on the bullying because they're pretty much just interested in talking to each other and occasionally they'll engage someone outside of their social circle, but mostly they stick close. They tend to defend the bully group and inflame their actions as either joking or defensible because the target(s) of the attack were being "energized matter" or acting inappropriately. Some of them just tend to stop posting when the juice comes up and simply come back later continuing as if nothing happened because they don't want to be involved in the voltage, but they certainly don't want to call out their friends.

You get the rest... don't steal my electric.

French Toast
[email protected]

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