How to deal with curly hair

June 15 2013

Listen up. If you have curly hair, or a kid with curly hair, there are some things you need to know.

I'm going to share 3 cardinal rules, a washing/styling process that works without fail, and tips on how to straighten (not that you'd want to after you learn how to flaunt your curls).

Cardinal rules
1. Never comb, brush, or run your fingers through dry curls.
2. Do not let curls air dry even for 1 minute without product in.
3. If you can, wash your hair every other day, not everyday.

Washing/styling process
1. Wet hair thoroughly, apply shampoo and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

2. Apply one coat of conditioner and comb through/remove tangles WHILE IN THE SHOWER UNDER RUNNING WATER with a broad toothed comb. Rinse conditioner.

3. Add another coat of conditioner. Twist your hair up in a bun and secure with a clip. Do the rest of your shower routine without rinsing and or getting your hair under the water.

4. Remove the clip and rinse conditioner off (almost completely) at the very end of your shower.

5. Wrap your hair up in a towel without rubbing the towel on your head at all. Just let the towel absorb the water.

6. After at least 3 minutes but no more than 5 minutes, remove the towel and gently squeeze the excess water off. Again, no rubbing or shaking. Your hair has to be substantially wet, so just squeeze enough so that it stops dripping but is still wet.

7. Apply LIBERAL AMOUNTS of product. I use Sedal Rizos Obedientes and it is the best product ever. Put about a plastic Coke bottle cap amount on your hand and use your fingers to disperse it through the entire length of your hair. Repeat this 3 times if your hair is still moderately wet, and 4 times if you let it dry too much (you can tell if it's too dry if you see individual hairs separating from the curls). This is the last time you will run your fingers through your hair until you wash it again.

8. Let hair air dry. Try not to move your head around too much or be stuck in the wind, this will undo the curls before they even form.

9. After about 2-3 hours when your hair has dried, flip your head over and carefully run your palms along the entire surface. NO FINGERS. This creates volume and removes the sometimes sticky product leftovers. Results: kibilds @ instagram, look for a pic taken on 4 September 2012.

Not getting into too much detail here. Just know that if you want it to stay straight for more than 1 hour, you need to blow it out with a round brush completely AND also flat iron it completely. If you only do one of these things, you will either have a) frizzy hair that looks dry or b) burnt hair that looks sorry.

Enjoy your curls ladies and gents!

Day Kibilds
[email protected]
State College, PA

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