(Trigger warning?) House spiders

June 12 2013

There are two (visible) spiders living in the bathroom window area. One lives in the sill, and the other climbs up into the shade's hanging wooden drawstring pull. That one is the smaller spider. It had molted two times and didn't seem to be growing as fast as the sill spider, who has a very round abdomen. One afternoon while moving things around on the sink, a baby spider crawled out and hung for its life with a web. For some crazy reason my first thought was to put it in the sill so it could build its own web, but you know what happened.

Of course you do.

The drawstring spider ate the baby.

Here's the pretentious part: I'm 30 and my husband and I are about to give birth to our first child this fall, so after the spider-eating-baby-spider incident, I felt like the worst Mom-to-be ever. What if someone gave my baby to a bigger baby to eat? O_o

Then that reminded me of the time my cousin got a baby bearded dragon and he let our uncle hold it. When we asked where the baby was, my uncle replied that he thought the baby could play with the full-grown beardie in another tank and... Well, you know what happened there, too.

This is probably my way of apologizing to both the spider and the baby beardie, even though only the spider's death was my fault.

By the way, we named the drawstring spider "Horatio," and he has since molted and grown fatter from three houseflies I've fed him over the past month, but the fatter sill spider doesn't have a name. We haven't seen him in awhile, though. Maybe Horatio ate him, too.

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