How do you find out who you are

June 04 2013

So, how do you find out who you are? Like who you actually are? Is it your childhood, your friends, your family? How do you find out who defines you, or what defines you? Or do you ever?

For me, it was in 1998. Six months until I was getting married, and I couldn’t feel my feet. Then I couldn’t see half of everything (think headless bodies). Then I couldn’t feel my hands. So, the neurologist said… its MS. I just wanted to know that I was going to live. Anything else, I would deal with. And I did. I live with MS, it’s who I am, and yet not who I am all at the same time. It defines me and I both define and defy it. I work with it. I live with it. I am a mother with it. I laugh with it. I cry with it. I am mad at it, and yet, I am happy with it. And if it feels the same about me, I hope I make it mad. I define it, and I defy it. I get up with it. I go on vacation with it. I wear it in my sneakers and walk it with my cane. I move with it, I move on with it, and maybe one day we can be friends. But until then…I will prove it wrong.

I think that’s the definition of what we all should be. We should actually be the ability to prove it wrong. Whatever it is. MS, any chronic illness, any non-chronic illness, any time and any where someone or something asks who you are… define yourself. Anyone who says you can’t, prove them wrong. Anything that says you shouldn’t, prove it wrong. So, just be. Be you, be the best you that you can be. Get up every morning, put your feet on the ground, and go. Go prove them wrong!

PS – I made a video for a well known company that I hope will inspire people with MS, and any other chronic illnesses to hang in there. If you would like to see it, please email me.

PPS- I am an avid reader, and love all types of books, both fiction and non-fiction (but not really science fiction). I would love to hear from you with book suggestions, and if you would like, I can give you some of mine.

Thanks everyone!

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New York, NY

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