Things you should be aware of

June 01 2013

I'm a 25 year old with too many life lessons under my belt. The biggest things I want to share with you are these:

1. Learn how to drive, and use that knowledge. Like using blinkers, and moving over when you're going slower than the general speed of traffic. Also use common courtesy. I can't stress that last part enough.

2. Quit using listserve for your religious purposes. Its not cool to force your beliefs on others. But I guess why else would you email thousands of people to get your message out?

3. On dating, if you feel like your significant other is the best thing in your life, treat them as such. Don't let them slip through your fingers.

4. Get a pet. Doesn't matter what kind. I have a couple of cats and they are awesome. One plays fetch, and the other is horribly mean to anybody but me. I know it sounds strange to keep a mean cat, but she's old and cute and she likes me.

5. Its not too late to "fix" your life. Go back to school, learn something new or a hobby.

6. Go out on a limb and do something out of the ordinary. Live outside the box. My new years resolution (two years running) have been to try something new every month and see a show or go to an event every month as well. I've been completely successful with that.

Just live life. Same thing more better.

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