You're not lost. Just somewhat off the way.

May 26 2013

I feel like there is only one thing I should use this llittle space I have to speak to you for.

Most of us know our ups and downs, those moments when you think it couldn't get any worse, but then it does. Or those, when you're just feeling overwhelmed by your past, present and the future you imagine yourself in. You know the deal, felt that darkness, I guess.

I have a best friend. Her name is Tina, and through the years she had to deal with quite a few bad things happening to her, herself. Lately, she hasn't been feeling well and I really wish for her to feel better soon, and to not feel guilty about being in the state that she is in right now. I love her. I won't give up on her. She is a great person. In fact one of the kindest, most intelligent, funny and warm ones I have ever met. So, I guess what I want her to know, is, that she's not alone. And that everything about her is right, and being sad is not a personal flaw of hers. And if you, the person getting this e-mail, are feeling sad or lonely, I wish for you to feel better soon! I know there are things in life, that make you feel like the sun won't come out anymore. Please talk to someone. If not a friend, maybe a professional. You are not weak just for asking for help. You. are. not.

This one is for her, for my wonderful friends and the ones feeling lost. You're not! If any of you want to give Tina the warm fuzzies, I would appreciate it a lot!

Love. Take care of yourself. Look out for each other.

[email protected]
Leipzig, Germany

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