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May 05 2013

I received the fateful "congratulations" email on a day when a lot was on the line. Although, that's relative because, really, all that was "on the line" was getting a B on an econometrics class so I can graduate....I'M FREAKING GRADUATING COLLEGE. who let this happen?

This is a crazy time in my life and, frankly, also one of the loneliest. So, the opportunity to say something to 21k fellow listservers is somewhat poignant. I'm struck by a serious loss for words. Many of you have likely just sat down at the office and are looking for an opportunity to delay actually starting work for the day and, if you're like me, many of you won't open half of these anyway.

So, for lack of any pithy words of advice or meaningful segments of literature, I'll tell you some interesting facts about Minnesota, the best state ever. It's where I grew up and really the only thing I can talk about off the top of my head and I think everyone can relate to having hometown pride. Especially in this city full of implants.

1. Prince lives/records there.
2. Though it's called the land of 10k lakes, there's over 12,000, but we're a humble folk.
3. Minneapolis was ranked both most bike-friendly and most hipster. so take a walk portland and seattle.
4. f. scott fitzgerald is from there
5. josh hartnett
6. the incredible music stylings of atmosphere, cloud cult, motion city soundtrack, trampled by turtles, dessa, etc.
7. honeycrisp apples were invented there
8. We actually do things in the winter because we don't fear the cold.
9. Lindsey Vonn trained in Minnesota, right outside the twin cities.

I'll leave you with one of the more touching things I ever heard. On her birthday, my philosophy professor in India was gushing about how loved she felt and tearfully said something to the extent of "the most precious thing you can have is people around you."

I really apologize for this scatterbrained post. I hope you can relate to this snapshot into my version of the human experience.

Keep living.

Washington, D.C.
[email protected]

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