May 03 2013

Do you believe in karma ? Well I do believe in balance. Like a physics law that states that everything tend to reach balance. Same thing with "luck". Sometimes you are lucky, sometime you are not... and it sort of balance out. So, at the end, the important thing is what remains and this will be what you have focused on. Remember the luck you have and try to neglect your misfortune.

Ok, that was for the "I'm trying to be wise part".

Now, because I probably used 2 years of "good luck" karma to be chosen among 10K+ people to write to you, I'll better try to make it useful in some way.

Hmm. Well, one very little thing, as a cyclist, that I always wanted to tell the world is : Dear car/truck driver, but please don't treat us as an obstacle on the road and if you're about to overtake, do it properly, like you would overtake -lets say.. hmm- a police car ! Because in the process, you may risk precious time, but we risk life.

Another thing I would like to share is that suspicion is in my point of you one of the worst evil on this planet. So please, do me a favour today : turn one suspicious thought about someone or something into trust and see where it goes. Ok, you may hit a wall, but you'll enjoy the way to it. Otherwise you may not hit the wall, but what's the point if you spent all your time worrying. At the end, we all die (and hit the wall).

That was "I'm trying to be wise part 2". And that was unexpected. You know, It's pretty hard to realize that you have a probably unique chance to address so many people and in the same time not to waste it.

I'll better end it now. Just know that I was happy to talk to you, people from earth, masters of the universe, top of the food chain, completely responsible for what is happening -or not- to our planet. (Yep, part 3)

Have a good day !

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