Boston Music!!

May 01 2013

some badass bands you haven't heard, but should
parentheses = if you like this famous band, you'll probably like these guys

The Shills (Incubus)
Strange Changes (Frank Zappa)
Speedy Ortiz (Nirvana)
Pretty and Nice (The Hives)
Bear Language (Dub Trio)
Pile (I don't know- grunge)
Moe Pope (The Roots)
Mean Creek (I don't know- grungey indie)
You Won't (Paul Simon)
Girls, Guns, and Glory (Hank Williams)
Bad Rabbits (Gym Class Heroes)
Mellow Bravo (Van Halen)
Spirit Kid (The Beatles)
J/Q (I don't know- grungey pop)
Ghosts of Jupiter (Pink Floyd)
Ghost Box Orchestra (I don't know- psych)
Aloud (my band so you should listen)
School for Robots (also my band so you should listen twice)

Frank Hegyi
[email protected]
Boston, MA

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