choosing poopy diapers over football and hotrods

April 28 2013

Wow, best I can tell from a few quick searches of my past saved Listserve emails, I appear to be the first one selected from the great state of Alabama.

It is a shame that that the most dominating College Football state of the past 4 years hasn’t been represented yet. (3 Championships from Alabama, 1 from Auburn).

I’ve got to admit, moving back to the state I grew up in on the verge the Crimson Tide’s collegiate dominance couldn’t have been any better timed.

After staying a true fan through a decade+ of up and down seasons (mostly down) it is nice to be on top again.

Late last year I purchased a 1934 Ford Coupe fiberglass project car.

I’m really excited to be working on something like this, even though I don’t really know what I’m doing.Luckily for me my father-in-law does. If any of you have tips on previous hot rod projects you’ve worked on I’d love to hear them.If you’re interested in selling some hot rod parts, I may be interested in those too!

I work in IT at one of the top 5 largest U.S. colleges based on enrollment.

I really enjoy my job as a Data Analyst and I love having the ability to sift through millions of records of apparent random data and know what to do to turn it into powerful information.

Then, being able to see that information used to drive meaningful decisions to help the university move towards their strategic goals is an even bigger bonus!

One thing I’ve learned dealing with large amounts of data is that there are almost always exceptions to the rule.

Everyone may think that a certain scenario couldn’t or shouldn’t happen but until you look at the data, you don’t know for sure.

I feel this has also made me a skeptic in real life too though. I find myself committing to fewer statements until I have definitive proof that I’m picking the right option.

I don’t know if this makes me a good worker, a super nerd, or a boring person with no hobbies (before I bought my car) but if I’ve got nothing to do one night I like being able to work on fun projects from work outside of normal business hours without the constant interruptions of email and instant messages slowing me down. I feel so much more productive. Working full-time from home has also enlightened me to the amount of wasted time I had when I worked in an office setting going to and from meetings and constantly being pulled into side-conversations as people come in and out of the office. I do miss the personal interaction though.

In 2011 my wife and I had our first child and it really is amazing how kids change your perspective on life. I’m still a huge Alabama fan, technology nerd, and aspiring hot-rodder, but none of that really matters when compared to being able to spend quality time with your family. I hate when I realize that I’ve let something distract me and take away time I should have spent with them. As kids become toddlers and really start learning, it is amazing watching them pick up on new things. No one can make me truly laugh like my little girl can and nothing makes me prouder when she learns something new (especially if I taught her!).

If you want to check out the perspective of raising a kid from a father’s viewpoint check out my brother-in-law’s blog by googling “dadabase blogger”.

Andrew Reynolds
[email protected]
Northeast Alabama, USA

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