Happy Birthday

April 14 2013


Even with this weird opportunity to send a message to 21,422 people, I’d rather just send you a birthday note. So, listen up:

You are f$%&ing awesome.

I know it’s been a pretty weird (weird = kind of crappy and also legitimately weird) year for you, but you’re less than a week away from a fresh start.

Last year you:

Took a paid sabbatical.
Tried stand up comedy.
Realized stand up comedy was not your jam and tried writing funny stuff instead.
Wrote funny stuff.
Helped a lot of vets.
Stopped being a vegan.
Became one of my best friends.

This year you will:

Realize that you are f$%&ing awesome.
Try improv comedy.
Tell someone exactly why he or she should hire you and believe it.
Tell your dumb boss exactly what you think (at least once).
Teach someone else how to be a great friend who does things like sending text messages at 8:25 AM on Monday mornings that say “Here’s to a good week!” even though you know it won’t be.
Re-read Fierce Invalids and learn something new about Switters.

I know you will.

Let’s start with improv - first class on Daniel and me. We’re signing you up for Level One with Armando on April 27th. Happy Birthday!

Cheers to you, your big heart, your ridiculous giggle, your brave and lonely feminism, and your eerie way of knowing what’s right - always.

With my heart,

New York, NY
[email protected]

p.s. Sorry about that Oxford comma, I always get confused when there are so many "and-s" around.

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