Not so usual advices

April 10 2013

Its funny to recieve the "you've been selected" email in april 1st, it took me the entire day to realise it wasn't a joke and to put my thoughts together.

My name is Barboza, from a city in the southest part of Brazil. And unfortunately I dont have a touching history to share with you.

But I have some advices:

- Dont own, share:
In a few years, status will not be how much you own, but how much you can share.
- Travel, but always return home:
Travel is one of the best things to do, but dont make the return home the worst part of the trip. If you do, its not to your hearth's home that you are returning to.
- Protect your ideals, but respect other's opinions
Its not because he thinks different from you that he's wrong, or that you're wrong. Every point of view deppends on the angle that you see the point.
- Make others be in debt with you
Do favors and help others without charging, they probably will return the favor in a moment of need, but dont get mad if they dont.

I hope you guys have a good day today, and I hope I can make the difference in the live of at least one of you with this email.

Sorry for the bad english =|

Rafael Barboza
Poro Alegre - Brazil
[email protected]

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