Take charge

April 04 2013

So of course I get selected for The Listserve on 1st April... leaving me wondering if it is some April Fools' joke - maybe everyone was "selected"....?

Here is some thoughts from my brain... make of it what you will.

Too often people rush headlong into things, be it purchasing a house, a new car or choosing a career, without stopping to think. People also tend to get stuck in the day-to-day, same-old grind, again without stopping to think. I'm not saying buying a new house is bad, but if you don't work out that you can actually afford it before making the purchase, that is bad. i.e. not thinking things through.

I say, stop, think and inspect your situation. Often you'll see a better solution, or gain some insight into the situation. Too many people go through life in a semi-disconnected state.

For example, "Maybe buying a new car right now isn't the time - maybe I'm better paying off that student loan". Actually doing this would make a huge difference to your life in the long run... but most people don't think.

So, I guess, my message would be to not just go through life reacting to the world around you, but pro-actively identify positive actions you can take, and take them.

Stop letting things happen to you, and make things happen.

What would be interesting if you could e-mail me a time where you made things happen over letting them happen to you - I'd be interested to compile them into a list (anonymous of course) and it them out to everyone who responded... anyone interested? Drop me a line!

Hopefully this e-mail at least caused you to stop and think...

Cape Town, South Africa
[email protected]

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