Listserve means Control + Alt + Del.

April 01 2013

For me getting the Listserve email is like mentally pressing control alt delete; STOP. BREATHE. THINK.
It gives me chance to think about things from a different perspective. And that's a good thing.
It seems to me we live in a much faster ever connected world that's interconnected with great ways of communicating - email, Skype, Facebook, twitter etc. Yet We don't communicate so much on a basic level.... Talk!

So I got selected on the listserve lottery.
"I have no idea what to say" is what people said to me at my dad's funeral just
before Christmas. His death for me came kinda out the blue, a sidewinder if you will, yes he was old (74) but he had so much life in him. He would get on his bike everyday, go down the library and check his emails (he had a computer at home but the library has a printer and he got from under my mother's feet!) then he'd bike to the bookmakers put his bets on and collect his winnings before biking home to make lunch for him and my mum. Funny little man. Love you dad.

I see all these inspirational quotes " do one thing everyday that scares you" or "do one thing everyday that make you happy".
Well I suggest "do one thing every day that will make someone else happy".

As oasis sang nobody ever mentions the weather to make or break your day, so go out your way and try and make someone's day. Yeah I know it's cheesy try a random act of kindness everyday, cause everyone's got their own shit going on and who knows you saying Hi or smiling and buying a randomer a cup of coffee behind you in the line is going to in some small way change someone's day / life for the better. It happened to me. Someone in front of me bought me a cup of coffee and it blew me away, yeah you hear about it and I've read that book 'pay it forward' but until it actually happens to you you'll never know.

So allow me to introduce my self
My name is Thomas Patrick John Clark. I'm 6' 4. Im 38 and 3/4. I have a sister Lucy. I live in a small town called Newark on Trent in Nottinghamshire uk. I live in an apartment with my girlfriend Miss shell.
I work for a tea company called Ringtons and I deliver tea and biscuits to people's houses with a wicker basket, YES THAT'S RIGHT IT STILL GOES ON! I went to a comedy night in a pub the other night and the comedian asked me what I did for a job and I froze in terror, like a rabbit in a headlight, it's kinda ripe for taking the pee. But its my job and it keeps me off the streets.

I wish I could inspire all
the people reading this to do GREAT THINGS but I've got a limited world view so I cAn't. If you want inspiration go and listen to Baz Lurman's song sunscreen. It's a great song.

I guess what I'm trying to convey is “try to see the good in everyone”.

Take care of each other.
If you are ever in this neck of the woods then please look me and we'll go for a beer, scouts honour!


postscript: As Ferris Bueller said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it”.

post-post-scriptum: I made YOU a mixtape to listen to its on 8tracks (dot) com search for the listserve!
Look me up on the twitter I'm milkandone

Tom Clark
[email protected]
Newark on Trent, UK

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