Emily, Nell, & Abbie: a love story.

March 22 2013

Today was a day to get things done. One of those things? Clean out my e-mail inbox. I read some Listserver haiku, then opened the next Listserve gem. I read it. Blinked. Read it again. WAIT, WHAT? I WON?! I have 48 hours... when was this sent? TWODAYSAGO?! Ohgeezohgeezohcrapohgeez.

It was only a few weeks ago that one of my dearest friends was selected to write for you all (Emily Johnson, woot woot!). I thought back to the conversation we had when we were both new to this list. Emily said she'd write a story - something entertaining for others to read, like the time her parents accidentally left her and her sister at a gas station. I guess I was so sure I wouldn't be picked that I never fully thought it out. Now, with just a few hours to think this through, it is as if nothing exciting or interesting has ever happened to me.

Some of my favorite messages from you lovely folks are the ones that tell me something I don't already know, like what to do if a stray cow should wander into my yard (chase it) or what it's like to work at Wal-Mart (fascinating, among other things). Has anyone else checked out FutureMe yet? Thanks to the person who recommended that website. Let's face it, you don't need one more person telling you to SEIZE THE DAY! Either you're going to seize it or you're not.

That being said, I'm just going to share some stuff with you. No big deal.


MUSIC WORTH CHECKING OUT (in no particular order)
The Prigs
Annie & The Beekeepers
Sydney Wayser
Via Audio
Josh Mease/Lapland
The Spring Standards
Frank LoCrasto (Google "Frank LoCrasto Simple Times" and you can download this track for free. I'll give you a nickel if it doesn't make you want to get in a car and drive around, except not really because I'm not made of money and there are a lot of you reading this.)

If you're new to GF, or even if you're not, I recommend reading the blog by Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef. I learned how to make the juiciest chicken EVER from her website (the key is a vertical roaster, which you can buy for less than $10). Granted, that has nothing to do with gluten, but that's the beauty of her blog! You can learn to cook all sorts of tasty stuff, not just grains!

Go to NASA's website and sign up for "Spot the Station". Enter your address, then they will alert you either by e-mail or text when the International Space Station will be flying over your house. Science!

Google "50 life hacks to simplify your world" and you can learn this elusive skill, as well as 49 others. Ever wondered how to open a blister pack without cutting yourself? A can opener! Who knew?!

Since we're already talking about sheets, one thing that can really help a housekeeper out after your stay is to put your towels in one pile and dirty sheets in another pile. Do you make your bed after you stay in a hotel? Stop it. Your heart is in the right place, but it takes more time to pull apart a made bed. Do you tip your housekeeper? Congratulations! That's amazing!


Thank you so much for reading and, let me just say, that outfit looks great on you.

Megan Bishop
[email protected]
Hunt, TX

p.s. quick shout-out to Evan Smith. I'm pretty excited to be your wife.

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