What's the BIG IDEA?

February 17 2013

I adore illustrations. I am addicted to self help. I love that every day, I get the chance to create the life I want – a life of unlimited possibilities.

One day (way too long ago), I had a BIG IDEA.

What if I combined the things I love into an online destination that I could experience daily to lift my spirits (ahhhhhh)… Inspire me (Yes, please! I would like that)… Remind me of my blessings (my children, my husband, my friends and my well worn home)… Instill gratitude in my life.

I envisioned delicious illustrations …self improvement … daily interaction! Maybe this could help others too! A place with a purpose… What a BIG IDEA.

I adored my BIG IDEA.

Yet, as much as I loved it, I didn’t act on it.

My BIG IDEA waited for me.

I had a family to raise. A marriage, friends, a home and my own existing (and lovely!) growing business.

On vacations I would take out my BIG IDEA and play with it. Think about it. Plan. Daydream.

Years went by.

I signed up for The ListServe. “Ooooh! If I ever get picked, I will tell them all about my BIG IDEA!”

I had so many intentions. And my BIG IDEA just sat and continued to wait. I told my BIG IDEA, “I will get to you soon. I haven’t forgotten you. I am just too busy now.”

The Universe replied. Via email. Tag you are it. Sitting in my inbox: [The ListServe] You’ve been selected.

Such an opportunity! 21,583+ subscribers!

My three daughters asked, “Why not tell them about your business, not the BIG IDEA… what about the business you have now?”

Because my BIG IDEA has been so patient. It has waited long enough.

My BIG IDEA should have a launch party -- a Debutant Ball. My BIG IDEA deserves some love.

So without further ado… Today, for the first time, 21,583+ ListServe subscribers will be introduced to my BIG IDEA. (Drumroll, please!)

I am proud and excited to unveil my BIG IDEA: The Good Life is Now

The Good Life is Now (TGLIN) is a delightful online destination –the purpose is to connect you to YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE.

It is taking many of the mindset activities of positive psychology, spirituality and the science of happiness & well-being and delivering them in a visually delicious game type format in your own personal world.

TGLIN speaks to BOTH what is good in your life now, while also helping you envision an inspired future.

My journey to create TGLIN is just beginning.

I invite you to sign up online at The Good Life is Now if you would like to join me for the ride. I promise there will be lots of goodies along the way!

Graphic designers, game developers, creative thinkers and investors (!) if this project interests you, email me at the address below and let me know how we might work together.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best in your good life!

Jane Boatman Geller
[email protected]
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Ps. Shout out and thank you to game guru Jane McGonigal @avantgame for tweeting about The ListServe!

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