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February 12 2013

Well this was unexpected. I am fairly new to The Listserve, and thought this honor would be bestowed upon me at a latter point. To be quite honest my first reaction was something like 'NOOO!!!!' Feeling unprepared, feeling unsure as to what I could add to a community of people who at times can be both inspirational and puzzling.

But I guess this is an overarching theme in life for me at this point in time, uncertainty. I have been waiting for signs as to what is the right path in life for me. I have been sitting in wait for quite some time now; I would say at least 6 months and have been stuck while watching life happen all around me. So Listserve community, I think I will take my prize and look for some inspiration from the group. What have you done when the right answers have not been quite so clear, but the weight of the decision was clearly dragging you to the lowest you can be? What do you do when everything that inspired you has lost its luster? What do you do when you just want to be happy and don’t know how to get there? What can I do to get my life moving again?

I wish this came about at a time when I was feeling more inspirational, I had been kicking around ideas for this for some time and was excited to bring something amazing to the group. But I guess in the true sense of a community, right now I need to lean on you in hopes of finding my way.

I’ve been told I can seem taller than I am when the mood strikes me. And I promise to anyone who reaches out to me, they will get to know that tall guy once he finds his way, and will be more than willing to provide that wisdom, insight and Friendship.

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