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February 03 2013

My 30th birthday is on the horizon and I have resolved that I will never figure this life/ being adult shit out. Life is random and I won't pretend to know a lot because I don't. As soon as I've got it figure out, I get thrown another gosh darn curve ball. Life is often challenging and my mess is my ministry, so I am mostly grateful that I am here to share what I've learned to be valuable with all of you.

Here are some things I try to keep in mind every day:

Don't offer support or advice if you think it gives you stock in someone's decision making.

Your opinion is not an absolute truth, it's just your truth.

Don't have too many opinions about other people's relationships - Especially ones of a romantic nature. If you do, keep it to yourself.

Often people really want someone to listen instead of receiving advice. We often know the solution to our own problems.

Make sure the people love know they are invaluable to you. Show them through an act of service and tell them. Even if it is via some cheesy e-card!

There is nothing wrong with one sided love - Just get over that shit sooner rather than later.

Refusing to forgive will make you fester and rot, and you'll forget why you where pissed off in the first place or create a grander version of the offense.

Don't have expectations.

Everyone else sucks, just remember that you do to.

Do a favor because you want to, without expecting recognition or even gratitude.

Your friends are unique beings - So you won't agree on everything. It's ok to get mad, just make sure you talk about it later.

Spend as much as time as possible around small children and animals.

Don't worry about it! Worrying is not going to resolve anything besides eventually requiring the need for a prescription for Xanax. Though, some of you may be into that.

Last but not least, Chicken soup doesn't soothe the soul. Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich on marble rye does!

Have an Awesome Day!

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