Stay Classy

January 29 2013

Hi guys. Let me get right to it.

I'm not going to give any sage advice here. Let's get to know each other before we start dispensing recommendations on how to live life.

So let me introduce myself. I'm a 35-year old real estate broker and entrepreneur living in New York City. I love it here. Sometimes life here is a bit too fast-paced, but overall, everything is within reach so it’s worth it. If you come visit (or if you already live here), feel free to reach out to meet, ask questions, or get a recommendation on where to eat. NYC has amazing food options everywhere. Let’s grab a bite!

Some of my interests include: cooking, photography, kung fu (I practice at a school called Bo Law Kung Fu), the stock market, real estate, startups, technology, travel, and meeting interesting people. Oh, and chocolate chip cookies!

I've always played things on the safe side. But no longer. I am currently planning to open a restaurant. Crazy, right? One of my passions has always been food. I love eating it. I love cooking it. I even love photographing it. Yes, I'm into foodporn. We have developed a sandwich shop concept and pretty soon we're going to start raising money for this endeavor. Very exciting!

So if you think I can help you or if you think you can help me, or if you just want to have a random conversation, just get in touch. I have met some amazing people on Twitter and I see no reason why I can’t do the same here. I love that Twitter and now The Listserve are both giving me the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, from many different walks of life. We can all learn from each other so let’s connect.

That's all I got folks. Thanks for reading. And thanks to The Listserve people for making this great idea happen.

In the words of a great American newsman, "stay classy."

David Schorr
[email protected]
New York City

P.S. Shout out to Alex. She is the love of my life, my best friend, and at the end of the year will become my wife.

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