Some thoughts from the other side of 50 . . .

January 25 2013

Some thoughts from the other side of 50 . . . .

- If it smells bad, it probably is bad.

- There are people who have never seen "The Princess Bride." This is inconceivable.

- It makes no sense to exceed the speed limit in an urban area. Those stop signs and red lights even everything out.

- When cooking chili, lose the lid.

- To tie a bow tie, close your eyes and think "shoelace." Unless you still tie your shoelaces via the "bunny ears" method. Then you really need to buy a pre-tied bow tie.

- With a cargo bike you can do 80 percent of what you would otherwise do with a car. Hills in your town? Get a bike with an electric assist.

- Listen to people with whom you disagree. Challenge your own beliefs.

- When somebody behind you honks their horn at you, it is not a good idea to put your car in park, get out, and angrily confront them by yelling "CAN I HELP YOU WITH SOMETHING?" at their window. There are very few scenarios where this turns out well.

- The anticipation usually exceeds the realization.

- If a stray cow should ever run through your yard -- even if it is while your grandmother is in the middle of saying good-bye -- you SHOULD chase the cow.

- Try not to live too far in the past, or too far in the future.

- If you keep picking it, it’s gonna bleed.

- Brine your turkeys, and cook them breast-down. Start the oven at 425F, then drop it to 250F and let the bird sit.

- Don't preach. It annoys people.

- Here is the difference between boys and girls: When your son turns 13, he becomes one of the biggest morons on the planet. When your daughter turns 13, you become one of the biggest morons on the planet. (It eventually evens out.)

- When given a maximum word count, strive not to meet it. Shorter is harder to write than longer.

- Try to leave them wanting more.

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