Hello World

January 16 2013

Hello out there.. My name is Jerry, and I’ve been on the internet since it was just a series of tubes. I teach a bit, (Computers and Programming) and enjoy technology the way you might think.

As an “Early Adopter”, I still have my Compaq “Luggable” that runs the CPM operating system. (Google it..)

I just returned from the Consumer Electronics Show, (C.E.S.) and was able to see many exciting new products, most priced above my pay grade. (Way above in some cases.)

That being said, I have found over the years that anything you want can be achieved if you focus on it.

So I guess my topic is, “Live Your Dreams, and They Will Come True”.

This email arrived by way of my “Spam Box” even though the regular Listserve emails arrive unscathed. I’m not a bitter guy, so I still responded to this “Winners” email even though it’s past the 48 hour window.

Best to you and yours.

Jerry Dixon
Hollywierd, CA.
[email protected]

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