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January 14 2013

I'm constantly amazed what I can learn from other people. My 15 month son taught me to have a good time, all you need is graham crackers and a plastic spatula, my grandpa taught me that crunchy peanut butter is good for your golf swing (I'm still trying to verify that claim), and my wife taught me that life is too short for bad coffee or light beer. However, the most humbling and inspiring lesson someone has ever taught me was in 2011 when my brother was diagnosed with cancer. Faced with this overwhelming situation, he did the most amazing thing: he laughed at it, he made jokes about it. It would have been so easy for him get lost in self pity, but he chose to make the best of it. I've always been drawn to comedy and jokes (which is ironic, since anybody close to me will tell you that I'm tragically not funny), but after witnessing my brother's experience with cancer, I realized how essential they actually are.

What makes you laugh? How has humor changed your life? I would love to hear from you.

"Life is too important to be taken seriously" - Oscar Wilde

Nick Salvadore
Castle Rock, CO, USA
[email protected]

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