Passion to Profit

January 11 2013

Every once in a while an idea floats to the front of your lobe and deserves further exploration. For me, it was using comedic talents to entertain a local audience in the Ozarks. Normally known as flyover country little old Springfield, Missouri has been recognized with artistic endeavors for over 50 years with contributions to music, film, and stage. My personal contribution over the past 4 years is a local satire news publication called Fair City News, which you can visit online.

Simple idea really, take local news and put a creative & funny spin to it. Which I find to be an enormous amount of fun. Local community supports it, people who move to town find it as a cultural guide and folks who move away use it as a resource to keep in touch.

What do you love to do? What can you do that is different? How can you present an old idea in a new way? That's my challenge to you. Find what you love, twist it to make it new. Have fun and make a little profit. Who knows, it could blow up big time. Passion to profit.

Love to hear your stories or ideas.

[email protected]
Springfield, Missouri

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