Absinthe and OJ

December 28 2012

If you ask anyone from any period in my life, they’d probably tell you I was always saying how I was going to start playing open mics. Next week, next month, someday I was going to start doing it. And even though the vast majority of my free time goes into my music, to this day I haven’t started playing out.

But I’ve done what I think is the next best thing. Around the time that I signed up for the The Listserve, I started a project called Absinthe and OJ (.com). And that’s what I wanted to show everyone. The idea behind it is to get whatever I come up with recorded and online without thinking about it too much. Then once it’s out there, I can get feedback and post new revisions. I’m still in the phase of getting down first takes of all of the stuff I have written and I have a looong way to go, so there haven’t been too many revisions. There also hasn’t been too much feedback… I have under 300 listens on my SoundCloud account. (And lets not talk about how many of those are from me…)

So it would be really awesome if you could take a look at what I’ve got so far and let me know what you think. You can comment on specific parts of the SoundCloud clip or send me an email. Either way, I’d love to hear from you, and feel free to be as brutal as you like. The more people tear my work apart, hopefully the better it’ll be someday.

Thanks and happy holidays,

[email protected]

PS: I put together a 7 track EP of what I think is my best stuff so far. All of the songs can be streamed from SoundCloud or YouTube, but if you like what you hear, you can get the EP from Google Play (if Google's review process finishes in time?). Or if you ask me, I’d probably just give it to you…

PPS: If absintheandoj dot com goes down, it’s probably just out of utter shock and confusion that someone other than myself and a small handful of friends are looking. Hopefully it’ll get over it, but if not you can search for absintheandoj on SoundCloud or shaunr88 on YouTube.

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