" Hey everybody! "

December 25 2012

I have to be honest. I think this is a great concept and I'm glad that it got such a great reception. I am really happy to have been chosen but to be honest I'm not particularly well spoken. I'm an artist and just started a job in June making a video game called Mage Faire Online.

This is where things get interesting... I absolutely love it but if it has taught me anything, besides the ridiculous amounts of real world experience I've gotten so far, it is that everything, even your dream job can have ups and downs. It's amazing to think that something that you always want your entire life can have ANYTHING negative to it, but that's life. So, then what did this lead me to realize? Well, it made me realize that happiness is a lot simpler than people think.

Happiness is just that, being happy. The ONLY way to be happy, is to be happy. What I mean is that you should just feel happy about life, things you have, and not worry about the things you don't.

OK, the other secret to happiness is to never listen to someone who says, “Oh, you're going to do “insert cool thing here”? I wish I could do that!” That has ALWAYS driven me crazy. If you want to do something, do it. If you want to live in France for the rest of your life, find a way. There is always an excuse that will stop you from doing this but ignore that. It always seems impossible but it's not. You only have to figure out how. I taught English for 2 years in another country and it was not hard to do. There are people out in the world willing to help you with anything. You just have to use Google ;)

On a personal note, if anyone is Hungarian or speaks Hungarian I have one thing to say, “Mindig a szivem Magyarorszagon lesz!”

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