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December 20 2012

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo! (I'm imagining that as an echo but it's probably more digital)

I have 2 things to share with you that are important to me, and that I hope some of you will join in with.

Read And Find Out (.com) I've been part of an online community for over a decade that started around a series of fantasy books (The Wheel of Time) and has since grown into something much more broadly geeky, with a dash of the eccentric, and I love it. I've met many excellent people through it (online and irl) from all over and there’s nothing quite like being amongst My People. The internet is neat, huh? The community wouldn't exist without these lovely people though so if you like fantasy, sci fi, books in general, or any other gubbins that you feel like chatting about to randoms online, come and say hello - we're at Read And Find Out .com and newbies are delicious.

Coding In another flavour of geek, I've not long started my first proper tech job (they pay me to code! haha!) and could do with some kind of mentor - if you have some free time and any experience with PHP especially, but also Git, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, as well as good, efficient and secure ways of coding, and don't mind being inundated with questions - email!

Ok, I'm done. You should count yourselves lucky - the temptation to Rickroll all of you is *almost* overwhelming.

[email protected]
London, UK

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